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Alpha Mindset was re-incorporated March 2014 after operating from 2002 to 2011.

Our reliable web servers are ready to go!
We offer technical solutions for your website and business operations.

What is Alpha Mindset?
Remember that Target Market you identified? Did it get lost along the way? Many companies are successful at hitting something in the market. Then they paint a target around it and call it success.

Alpha Mindset is going back to your Target Market and those first (alpha) ideas (mindset). We work with you to define "target actions" that you want from your target market. Then we design the systems and applications to engage and monitor those actions.

Products We Are Bringing Back


Website and Content Management Systems

Social Media and SEO Tools


Mobile Sites and Applications


Sales and Payment Systems


Custom Reporting Tools


3rd Party Evaluations


Our Microsoft Certified Software:

  • Total Trade Journal

  • Ranch Admin

  • Visual Horse Software

  • Software Localization Tools

  • Quick Book E-filing.