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Custom Web Development

At Alpha Mindset we pride ourselves on our custom web development work. We specialize in building sites for the Micorsoft.net platform. We build professional website designs to match your business, marketing strategy, and design ideas. We work closely with you to create a website that looks great, is easy to use, and seamlessly integrates into our N2 content management systems.
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Ready-Made or Custom Web Hosting Solutions

Alpha Mindset web site hosting is easy. We provide a variety of hosting plans for you to choose from. Whether you are just starting out and only have a few pages, or you are a nationwide franchise that needs tons of space, we have you covered. Or if you need something to yourself, we are more than happy to set you up on your own dedicated server.
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Custom Analytics and Search Engine Optomizations

Alpha Mindset has been providing our clients with Search Engine Organization( or Optimization if you prefer) on all of our sites. We like to stay up to date on how google and Microsoft(Bing) index sites for searches. We bring that to every site build or SEO endeavor and back it up with the Analytics to show you the next steps to increasing site traffic.
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Featured Work

About Us

Alpha Mindset was originally incorporated in 2001 to develop software for the general public. With recent market changes we reincorporated in 2014 to fill the market's need for a software solution developer that could also bring a full suite of advisory and hosting services to the table with an emphasis in custom web design and development. We realized that there were no competitive in house development and hosting teams that could offer our expertise in custom web development, application development, data management, and Search Engine Organization. We wanted to be the leading hands on web development and hosting company, focusing on offering the best solutions for our clients. All the way from national franchises, right on down to someone starting their first business site. Our services are much more affordable than traditional US based consultants and contractors, especially those that operate with our level of technical expertise. We rely on our local team for technical development, project management, system architecture, advisory and creative services. Our unique model allows us to deliver high quality yet cost effective services. Our software and hosting solutions are cascaded across multiple technology platforms and vertical industries. At Alpha mindset, success is achieved through a strong work environment. Our team is professional, knowledgeable and truly committed to its work. We are dedicated to helping your business achieve every success because we truly enjoy providing solutions that fit your needs.

Why Us

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Premiere hosting solutions with several packages to choose from including completely dedicated servers built to suit your needs. Extremely high bandwidth caps and zero page limits give you room to grow and expand without your style or space feeling cramped.

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Premium consulting services and a hands on approach to helping you design your site. We can create things from your designs or give you the tools to let your creativity take you away.

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A leader in custom Microsoft.Net web development. We pride ourselves in our custom .Net programing. Weather it be a custom built solution or just an individual page for your site. We focus on .Net implementation because we feel its the best tool out there to get the job done and not become outdated like a lot of the other web code languages.

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Extensive expertise in Search Engine Optimization. We can leverage any local, regional, field information to you sites advantage through the correct page structure and properly utilized redirects. Without nay of the Messy keyword stuffing that Google downgrades.

Your All-in-one Full Service Hosting and Web Design Solution

Yes, It's a long and ridiculous section title, but go ahead and click the button. We are really excited about helping you with your Web endeavors, whether it's your first time or you just want a better Web solution.